Whitening Serum


Whitening Serum

size 10 g. ( 12 pack)

Bright , radiant, and prfect skin appearance is everyone’s dreams. Patummas Whitening Serum is specially formulate from American high grade ingredients, encapsulated in a Sphere, a small ball harmliss to facial skin. So all the important substances are continually and effectively absorbed into deep skin cells, penetrate right into a target skin . Alpha Arbutin and Vitamin B3 gently whitening skin pigment providing and appealing fresh and healthy pink skin appearance. Galactomycess Ferment Filtrate, a benecial nutrient from yeast, is also added to bring goodness into your skin.

How to use :  Dry your face well after facial washing , apply whitening serum on entire face.

Suggestion :

For optimum result , combines use with Whitening Mud. Apply Whitening Mud on entire face, leave it until completely dry then rinse off with water. Apply Whitening Serum afterward without washing off.