Facial Mask


Facial Mask

size 15 g. ( 12 pack)

An overproduction of oil and dirt is one of the main factor of acne, small pimple, and shiny face. Patummas Herbal Facial Mask helps absorb excess sebum and purifies your skin without drying. Enriched with Green Tea anti-oxidant, Vitamin C, and collagen, helps firm and lighten skin cell while moisturizing it in one step.

How to use :  

1. Apply the mixture of herbal powder and water or Supaporn Make Up Remover onto face.

2. Leave it until the mask dries out then gently wipe out in up wards direction. This also helps remove black-head, small pimple.

3. Rinse it off with water.

Suggestion :

Dry Skin : 1-2 times / week Oily Skin : 3-4 times / week For extra care and rapid result, use it with the whole set : Herbal Face scrub + Herbal Face Pack + Herbal Bath Milk